We provide Northern California with firearms training classes and Concealed Carry (CCW) classes for Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado County. Our selection of firearms training classes in Sacramento also include handgun training, Rife and shotgun training.  We also provide CCW Modification firearms training.




We designed our online store to provide accessories for firearms and protection. We offer ammunition, optics flashlight and survival gear. Our store, offers every type gear for any type of mission.




Our blog will keep everyone up to date on the newest gear and tactics in the shooting world. This blog will be for everyone looking to improve their skills as a shooter. We will also offer new tactics for personal protection



Our mission at Itus defense is to educate, train, teach and incorporate tactics pertaining to personal protection, home defense protection as well as self-defense.  We give the firearms training necessary for people to use firearms for concealed carry weapon (ccw) to use for personal protection and self-defense.  See our selection of firearms classes in Sacramento including CCW classes, AR-15 training, pistol classes. Here at Itus defense we help develop people critical firearms training needed in real-world scenarios by providing classes for handguns, rifle or shotgun shooting classes for home defense, self-defense, and personal protection.  Itus defense has qualified teachers, not instructors.  Teachers have a personal stake in the lessons we provide to all firearms students.  Itus defense provides firearms training military, law enforcement, as well as civilians to train for active shooters, gunfights and/or home invasion. Itus defense also provides military, law enforcement, and civilians with the necessary gear on our online store.  Our store provides personal defense ammo, optics, clothing, and gear for any tactical scenario